The world is full of opportunities and very few students are aware of this. There are a plethora of professions one can take up. It is here that counselling and career guidance becomes very pertinent. The Counsellor helps them make the right choices and identify where their aptitudes and interests lie. Students of Grades XI and XII take a psychometric test and are then guided on the basis of the results obtained to make an informed decision about their choice of subjects/career. Group information sessions, as well as individual advising sessions, are offered on a regular basis to discuss issues such as appropriate programs, university/college selection, scholarship research, making the transition from school to university/college, and related career planning. Numerous personalities from different sectors and universities around the world visit Nic Academy for guest lecturing sessions on current world’s opportunities and possibilities. Nic Academy also hold discussions/ sessions on:

Parents’ Counselling
Career counselling sessions in schools provide clarity to both students and parents about numerous career choices available today.

Resume, Statement Of Purpose And Personal Essay Writing
Students are taught what Personal Essay Writing consists of and how it is important in the applications, which need to be submitted to college/universities for admission. Assistance is provided for filling up of Common Application Forms

University Connections
University representatives help students to understand why one must choose a particular university. They guide them regarding opening windows, college alerts and requirements for entrance to a particular university.