Secondary School at Nic Academy

The Secondary section at NIC Academy is proud of the individual care offered to students, the diversity of the academic courses on offer and our commitment to the development of wider attributes through experiences beyond the classroom
NIC provides an ideal school environment that embraces the idea that ALL students can learn. Here at NIC, it is expected that students will participate in all areas of the curriculum offered by the school. NIC expects parents to ensure their child or children attend all possible classes and complete all assessment tasks to maximize their learning opportunities and therefore their exam results.
At the secondary level, NIC has socially responsible, motivated young adults who excel at academics and pursue dreams during their formative years. We provide an environment that recognizes that student success is a complex idea and has many parameters.
Nic Academy's success at Secondary level can be seen from its very high standards of results in the District levels, SLC and SEE examinations.
Secondary School is headed by Mr Ganesh Banjara, a well-known person to our alumni who talk about how he and his team has shaped their lives today.