Academic Structure

We are committed to providing high-quality teaching, developing intellectually curious, self-motivated, enthusiastic young ones with an endearing love of learning. The school has an international outlook, with students learning from each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. The teaching methodology incorporates a student-centered learning system with the bend of traditional and progressive learning approach. Our academic structure is divided in different levels.

Junior school

Junior School School at Nic Academy is a European standard Montessori based pre-school in Nepal. It is an open platform for every child to grow, nurture and prosper in the cycle of life.

Primary school

Primary School at Nic Academy  is designed as a bridge between Early Years to classroom-based learning for later years. It encompasses an ample number of extra and co-curricular activities for experiential learning for students. 

Middle School

Middle School at Nic Academy is an activity based experiential learning that allows students to move from learning through play to learning by doing. Every student participates and contributes to the overall learning of the class.

Secondary School

Secondary School at Nic Academy is designed with the belief that a positive mindset at this stage allows for a successful life ahead, proper supervision and counseling is provided to students by qualified individuals. Nic Academy’s success at Secondary level can be seen from its very high standards of results in the District levels, SLC and SEE examinations.

Plus Two

At Nic Academy our Plus 2 program addresses all facets of student growth, and in doing so provides the foundations for students to successfully mature into lifelong learners.
As such, our approach includes carefully designed learning experiences that extend well beyond the purely academic sphere to development in our students a profound sense of self, healthy interpersonal relationships, a deep sense of global citizenship, and the skills to survive and thrive in today’s world 

Key Features


  • Instill zeal and creativity in the students
  • Inculcate a positive attitude and a sense of patriotism towards the society, school, parents, teachers and country.
  • Inculcate total honesty of words and action together with a cultivation of teamwork.
  • Enable students to develop analytical and logical skills to become independent and decision makers.
  • Develop and build the necessary foundation for higher professional studies.
  • Participate and excel in curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities for physical and mental development.

Academic Philosophy

  • Native flavor of English.
  • Competent and confident in Nepali language.
  • Atleast one local language or one foreign language(other than English).
  • Inculcation of creative writing through all literary genres.
  • Mathematics and Science for rational reasoning, logic and theory derivation.
  • Social sciences for adaptation to social, religious, ethical, cultural values.
  • Extensive use of multimedia and application.
  • Conduction of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for overall physical and intellectual growth.
  • Role of teachers as instructors, mentors, motivators and scholars. 

Physical Infrastructure And Amenities

  • Building and the premise with all essential facilities.
  • Prefab setup for all classrooms, administrative offices, well equipped labs, conference hall and cafeteria.
  • Earthquake resistant zero floor structure, emergency management and exit.
  • Number of students not exceeding 36 in a class.
  • Attractive entrance, aesthetically pleasant surrounding and enough space for all indoor games and sports.
  • Audiovisual aids, CC cameras and modern setup for furniture.