It is Nic Academy’s mission to provide outstanding educational quality. Outstanding educational service means that at your child’s school, we won’t rest until we are certain that your child is optimized for the efficient achievement of his/her goals, both short and long term. We certainly will do our utmost to see that the path to these goals is unobstructed and realized with efficiency. Today’s actions are the keys to tomorrow’s results. Nic Academy is here to help students achieve their goals through effective planning and implementation of total education.


We at Nic Academy strive to give your child the best of everything. The daily schedule has been assigned for academics, games, sports, literary activities and entertainment. This has been done so to ensure that the child is kept busy and at the same time, the child learns while he/she plays. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the child feels no more home work pressure and enjoys doing and completing his/her home assignments. 


Engagement: Understand and connect: Students participate actively in things that matter to them. By being engaged, they understand the context and issues more effectively, thereby venturing into responsible actions.

Respect: Honor others and self: Students know and accept who they are as they are. With this self-esteem, they respect the diversity around them. They know to appreciate differences while seeking a congenial solution.

Integrity: Honest and ethical in all interactions: Students say what they do and do what they say, not anything otherwise. They have a sense of regulating themselves whether or not they are being supervised. Ethics is at the core of what they do.

Student Centric: Student first approach in everything we do: Everything that’s thought for and done at school is primarily for the sake of students. Students have a sense of not only their intellectual mind but also several other facets of them such as creativity, technological skills, communication, etiquette, social skills, sports, arts, music, leadership etc, most aspects of which they work to develop for themselves and support others in developing the same.

Humanistic: Promote human values among us all: Students have a sense of compassion and extend their responsibility to a larger community. They seek welfare of humans by their service attitude.